Customer actions
Features which help both customers and you
Why these features are important

1 First steps


Customers reserve flights:
  • Online
  • At self-service kiosks
  • At the tunnel
  • By phone
  • Integration with your web-site
  • Interface customization
  • Accessible for first-time users
The system is user-friendly: customers can make reservations on their own, without any help from staff.


Customers can make a reservation at a convenient time for the best price
  • Simple but flexible
  • Highly customizable
  • Caters to different types of customer
  • Dynamic pricing options

The flexible pricing system can be tailored to local conditions and events that have an impact on demand, all of which helps to maximize the revenue from your tunnel.

You make all the decisions and retain control. The system doesn’t limit you; rather it provides a helping hand.


Payment is secure and easy
  • Integration of various payment systems
  • Ability to accept payment via any method
  • Prepaid gift cards and certificates

Intergation with your accounting system*
Custom payments systems*

* developed separately to order

2 Flight

Self-service kiosks

  • Check-in
  • Check flight time
  • “What’s next” instructions displayed
  • Reservations
  • Photos and videos
Visitors feel comfortable and at ease in the new tunnel environment. Less staff required.


Pre-flight procedures
  • Customer flight lists for each session
  • To-do reminders: get your equipment, go to the training room, go to the waiting area, fly, return your equipment, etc.

Customers know exactly what to do and when. Less hassle, fewer problems, fewer headaches for staff.

Customers are more confident and nothing distracts them from their upcoming flight.

RFID detectors

In the waiting area
  • Detectors are present in the waiting area and flight chamber
  • Automatic schedule adjustments

The system knows who is flying and how many, how many minutes were bought, how many seconds are left.

Avoids human error.

Photos & Videos

  • Take photos with one click
  • Delayed video playback enables flyers to check their performance

No need for additional staff to take photos and videos.

RFID detectors let the system know who is in the frame.

Flyers can watch their performance straight away in the waiting area.


Photo & video store

Share with friends

  • Integration with your website
  • Interface customization

  • Additional renenue
  • Social media marketing
  • Encourage return visits

Personal account

Track progress
  • Tailored discounts
  • Achievements
Personalized space where customers can track their progress, reducing workload for staff, simplifying the reservation system and encouraging return visits.

Easier for regular flyers to make reservations.


  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Keyrings
  • Banners
  • Certificates
  • Stickers
The system offers tools to track and analyse these activities, learn what is popular, which customers tend to buy things etc.

Behind the scenes


Flights per day (weekday vs weekend etc.), by customer type
Integration with tunnel equipment
The statistics accurately show the revenue per watt for specific types of customer.


Calculate working hours
Staff groups
Configure custom access permissions
You can monitor employee performance and pay accordingly.

Control who can see and edit what. Human error is avoided.


Daily/weekly/monthly logs
Incident logs
Individual history data
You will have comprehensive information relating to your tunnel and can monitor all the systems and people’s activities live on your laptop or phone.

Estimate your profit

Tunnel open, hours per day:
Visitors per hour:
Session price, €:
Buying photos & videos, % of all visitors:
Avg. price of photos & videos package, €:
Expenses per month, €:
Flights revenue: xxx  per month
Additional revenue: xxx  per month
Total revenue: xxx  per month
Total expenses: xxx  per month
Total profit: xxx  per month
Tunnel price: xxx
Payback period: xxx

This tool is provided solely for demonstration purposes and shows just an example of how the calculations may be performed. The real business estimates should be conducted only by appropriate specialists.