Approval by city authorities

The city authorities have approved the plans for the construction of the wind tunnel. We are in the process of preparing construction drawings.




Construction site

The plot to be used for the construction of WindTunnel Flystation Japan has been successfully purchased. The site offers excellent transport links for clients – it is five minutes by car from the Tokyo Ring Road (Gaikan) or a ten-minute walk from the JR station. The largest shopping centre in Japan, Koshigaya Lake Town, is located near the site.


Wooden plugs inspected

Construction of wooden plugs for FRP production of the diffusers and contraction section has recently been completed.

Tunnel Technologies engineers, in collaboration with Creaform engineers, conducted a laser inspection of these plugs to detect even the smallest deviations in their shape, which can affect wind tunnel efficiency.

The production facility will finish the plugs according to the inspection reports, in order to achieve the highest possible level of precision.

Wooden plugs - laser scanning 2

Wooden plugs 1

Wooden plugs 4