TT45V1 recirculating wind tunnel in

MUNICH, Germany

Opening in 2017,


3 public floors
Area: 1,900 m²

Flight chamber

Diameter: 4.5 m
Height: 19.5 m
Air flow speed: more than 300 km/h


22 employees
Max. 26 customers per hour
From 4 years of age


Noise: 50–55 dBA
Power consumption: 350,000 kWh per month
(when operating 24/7)

Electronic sales

Electronic sales and payment processing provided by «InvoiceBox». «InvoiceBox» is a group of companies («InvoiceBox» LLC, «InvoiceBox» OU) specializing in the maintenance and development of electronic sales and working with us around the world. «InvoiceBox» is the official agent of FlyStation (PARA Tunnel Technologie GmbH), which provides and accompanies electronic sales. The sale and payment of your flight will be processed by «InvoiceBox» on behalf of FlyStation (PARA Tunnel Technologie GmbH)

Plans to host the