The smallest wind tunnel model in Tunnel Tech lineup, TT25 μFLY is an entry-level machine, tailor-made to meet the needs of entertainment-oriented projects. Overseeing the financial side was one of the priorities, while creating TT25 μFLY. The result is a remarkably affordable yet outstanding indoor skydiving solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. A perfect combination of high performance, compact footprint and low energy consumption.

Designed with first-timers as the main target group, TT25 μFLY features a cozy 2.5-meter diameter flight chamber. 5 meters of completely transparent chemically strengthened glass provide a safe environment inspiring to try body flying. The conical shape of the flight chamber optimizes safety and stability, allowing novice flyers to enjoy the experience with confidence.

Despite its size, TT25 μFLY is powerful enough for intermediate freefly training and head-up flying. As a result, it’s appealing for skydivers eager to hone their basic skills. This customer group can generate additional revenue in off-peak hours and increase the occupancy of the tunnel.

Featuring an extra-large low RMP axial fan with carbon fiber blades located in the vertical airduct, TT25 μFLY ensures high energy efficiency and low noise emissions. The built-in active cooling system provides turbulence free cooling through hollow turning vanes making the flying experience comfortable at any outside temperatures.

With the well-thought-out design installation and disassembly are straightforward. TT25 μFLY is your flexible, hassle-free solution for both permanent and temporary locations. TT25 μFLY arrives as a complete package, including a load-bearing structure and a chiller. It’s a plug-and-play solution, streamlining the setup process for your convenience.

TT25 μFLY allows to start generating returns swiftly. Our solution is crafted to minimize downtime and maximize profitability, ensuring that your investment pays off in record time. TT25 μFLY opens new opportunities for small-scale projects and economically challenging environments. Suitable for shopping malls, entertainment centers and amusement parks.

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