Arc WS redefines wingsuit wind tunnel experience offering a dynamic training environment for all wingsuit enthusiasts. Designed to cater to both entertainment and experienced pilots, Arc WS provides the perfect platform for skill development and mastering complex manoeuvres.

The signature feature of this model is its unique curved flight chamber, which offers varying glide ratio in different sections. The lower part of the flight chamber is perfect for beginners, providing a stable learning environment, while the upper part caters to proficient flyers who crave more challenges. This design sets a new approach to training. Flyers get the opportunity to change the glide ratio during their sessions by simply repositioning within the flight chamber. This dynamic control demands skill and precision but allows flyers to hone complex manoeuvres and perfect their wingsuit flying techniques.

The flight chamber provides a generous 20 m2 cross-sectional area to acquire and refine piloting skills and comfortable train in larger groups. Non-shattering chemically strengthened glass guarantees safety and durability as well as great views for flyers and spectators alike.

Powered by Tunnel Tech extra-large axial fans with carbon fiber blades, this wind tunnel boasts high acceleration and deceleration rates, ensuring energy-efficient and silent operation even at high speeds.

For hot climate destinations, Arc WS offers an optional active cooling system. This system provides consistent cooling through the hollow turning vanes without turbulence, keeping flyers comfortable throughout their training.

For the safety and comfort of entertainment and low-experienced flyers, Arc WS can be equipped with a robotic arm. This feature is designed to help the flyers get accustomed to the airflow dynamics and reach stability in the air. Unlike conventional rope pulley systems and leashes the arm has minimal influence on the fliers training while significantly boosting the safety aspect. This shortens the time required for training progression.

Arc WS is a cutting-edge wingsuit wind tunnel solution for interactive training experience that adapts to flyers skill level and goals. It is equally suitable for training in one-piece tracking suits and larger wingsuits.

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