Modern IoT platform

Review remotely your analytics and reduce your maintenance costs. Variety of reports and valuable tools will help you to make better decisions, decrease machine downtime, optimize daily operations and increase revenue. Minimize your technicians’ visit costs by enabling them to remotely detect malfunctions.

Machine agnostic

Connect any type of Automatic and Super- Automatic professional Coffee Machine, Vending Machine, Laundry or Dishwasher Machine no matter the vendor, model and production date.

Route Planning and stock control

Visit your machines for product refill, technical maintenance, and encashment only when it is necessary. TT's Route Planning module will help you to eliminate unnecessary costs and optimize daily operations by always visiting the right machines at the right time and with the right products and tools.

Quality Assurance

VMonitor in real-time your machines’ proper usage and operation. Ensure the brand quality of your product or service and provide an enhanced experience to your customers.

User-friendly platform

Get access to all your machines, at a glance and collect useful information and analytics. Get the most out of your machines and make your business more successful.

Location Tracking

Track your machines’ location and get notifications in case of unauthorized move. Never lose sight of your machines, no matter where they are.

Sales Data

See what your actual coffee production, sales projection and future consumption look like. Improve efficiency by making the right decisions for your business.


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