Experience the Ultimate in Indoor Skydiving with the TT45DL Wind Tunnel by TunnelTech

Ultimate flying machine. Lowest operating expenses among sportflyersfriendly projects. The most advanced wind tunnel on the market. Best value machine.

Unmatched Performance, Energy Efficiency, and Safety – Perfect for Hosting the World Championship

Introducing the TT45DL, a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving wind tunnel by TunnelTech, delivering an unparalleled flying experience with top-notch performance, safety, and energy efficiency. The TT45DL is a double-loop, recirculating wind tunnel designed to accommodate professional flyers and first-timers alike. Its outstanding features make it the perfect choice for hosting the world championship, including dynamic disciplines.

Power Efficiency

As energy consumption is a crucial factor in indoor skydiving projects, the TT45DL boasts an exceptional Darcy-Weißbach friction factor of 0.185, ensuring low power consumption and minimal operating costs. With an expected average power consumption of just 384 kW for a tunnel heavily occupied by pro-flyers, this wind tunnel is ideal for countries with high energy costs and environmentally conscious operators.


The safety of flyers is paramount in the TT45DL design. Its flight chamber has a diffusion ratio of 2.1, making it one of the safest wind tunnels on the market. The frameless glass chamber with a fully round cylindrical bottom level and an expanding conical second level offers at least 8 meters of vertical transparency, providing enhanced visibility and flight monitoring.

TT45DL’s safety features include:

1. Flight chamber diffusion ratio of 2.1
2. Well-balanced safety net with large strokes close to the walls
3. Curved entrance to the flight chamber avoid injuries by ensuring that possible strikes go tangential to the surface
4. Noise levels between 51 to 55 dbA in close proximity to the flight chamber, reducing disturbance for bystanders.


World Championship Suitability

The TT45DL is designed to accommodate world-class indoor skydiving events, including dynamic disciplines. With a maximum wind speed of up to 370 km/h (optionally) and a flight chamber diameter of 4.5 meters, it provides ample space and wind power for the most demanding athletes and teams.

Hosting world championships and other high-level indoor skydiving competitions in the TT45DL is not only possible but also highly advantageous. Its cutting-edge technology and design ensure that athletes can perform at their best, while spectators enjoy a thrilling and safe experience.

The TT45DL’s sibling model, the TT45SL, offers similar performance, safety, and energy efficiency features in a single-loop configuration. To learn more about the TT45SL and how it might better suit your specific needs, please visit at TT45SL

At TunnelTech, we are committed to providing the highest quality indoor skydiving solutions, with a focus on safety, performance, and energy efficiency. Our Pro-line series, including the TT45DL and TT45SL, are designed to meet the most rigorous standards and exceed expectations.

Investing in a TT45DL wind tunnel ensures a future-proof, world-class indoor skydiving experience for both recreational and professional flyers. Its advanced safety features, exceptional performance, and outstanding energy efficiency make it the ultimate choice for any project, from shopping malls to dedicated skydiving centers.


Operating Characteristics

Size class 14ft+
Levels Two levels
Height 8m
Type Chemically strengthened
Average consumption (belly) 255-300kW
Noise level w/noise package 51 dB(A)

Technical Conditions

Dimensions (L*W*H) 32*10*32m
Basic power rating 1260kW
Chiller Requirements To ensure efficient and timely maintenance we advise for chillers to be supplied by local HVAC contractor. TunnelTech will provide piping requirements for cooling system if option is taken.


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