The thrills of a flight can be saved forever with a selection of the best photos and videos. Memories are priceless, whatever the cost. Clients will value quality production and convenient service, and this will provide another source of income for your company.


Photo & Video Systems can be integrated with your Booking System, allowing your clients to order their favorite photos post-flight via their personal profile on the website. These systems can also be integrated with other booking systems via the API.

User-friendly interfaces

Simple and easy to understand, even for novices.

Unlimited number of stations

You can connect any number of terminals, kiosks, and other stations, placing some in the lobby to reduce traffic in your reception area. Clients can use the kiosks to purchase photos themselves, downloading them onto flash drives, emailing them, or printing them out.

Content selection

Use monitors to display your choice of content, including advertising, online broadcasts, the latest flight, or a gallery allowing clients to navigate through flights. Convenient for placement in lobbies and cafés.

Expandable system

Additional equipment can be added at any point, including cameras, media players, tablets, and other devices.

Judging system

Quality equipment installed where needed can be integrated into a judging system for use during contests, for example.

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