Architectural lighting


This time we’re actually going to say it… The TT45 is “state-of-the-art” indoor skydiving recirculating wind tunnel by TunnelTech, delivering top-notch airflow quality, lowest noise emissions ever and unseen, unrivalled energy efficiency. Numerous safety features pioneered in TT45 PRO provide unparalleled flying experience to professional flyers and first-timers alike. It is a result of 20+ years dedicated to skydiving, bodyflying, instructing and wind tunnel operations management, from flyers and tunnel owners to flyers and tunnel owners.

Lowest operating expenses among sportflyersfriendly projects. The most advanced wind tunnel on the market. Best value machine.

Illuminate Beyond Boundaries with Adaptive, Efficient Lighting Our architectural lighting has been ingeniously crafted not just to elevate your experiences within our tunnels but to universally adapt across various domains including city lighting, sports stadiums, and music shows. Unleashing a luminous prowess that envelops large spaces with ease, these lights extend beyond being mere illuminators, becoming a pivotal component in crafting visual spectacles while ensuring a substantially lower impact on both the environment and your budget. With a power output of 100W and an astoundingly low PMW frequency of 5 kHz, we assure powerful illumination, while adhering to our principle of economical energy consumption.

Tailoring Light to Your Aspirations, Wirelessly

Your control over these luminous marvels is limitless, and yet, simplified. The integration of wireless systems, such as WiFi, GSM, and LoRa, along with the use of the DMX interface, offers you seamless, remote setup and control, right at your fingertips. Our proprietary lighting scripting software and a dedicated smartphone app empower you to script, modify, and visualize lighting schemes that do not merely light up spaces but create immersive environments, tailor-suited to your creative or operational needs. Each beam is a testament to our expertise in creating solutions that address, anticipate, and elevate your ambitions in architectural lighting.

Transcending Applications: From TunnelTech Skydiving to Your Projects

At TunnelTech, while we bask in the serene glow of our architectural lights in our  wind tunnels, we envisage them lighting up your worlds and projects with the same energy-efficient brilliance. Engrained in every light solution is our assurance of authoritative, proven expertise, and a sincere understanding of your challenges, ambitions, and lighting needs, carefully molded into a solution that brightens, inspires, and conserves. We invite you to explore, adapt, and shine with our lighting, ensuring your projects not only gleam prominently but also echo a commitment to sustainable, powerful, and efficient illumination.

Embrace the Future of Architectural Lighting with TunnelTech

Connect with us to discover how our architectural lighting can illuminate your projects with an unmatched blend of power and efficiency. Let’s co-create environments that inspire, enthral, and conserve, hand in hand. Contact us for a personalized consultation, tailored to brighten your world with innovation and sustainability. Let’s light up the future, together.



Setup and control Setup and control via wireless systems (WiFi, GSM, LoRa) or using DMX interface
Controlling Lighting scripting software and a smartphone app for controlling


Power output 100W
Luminous flux up to 5 800 LM
PMW frequency 5 kHz
Power supply voltage 48V, 110V, 220V
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