High Performance Automation Computer


The first generation of software and hardware is used in modern
wind tunnels. It allowed Tunnel Technologies to become the market leader
with projects all over the world: Russia, France, Japan, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia.

“Modern” automation systems today have complicated multi-level hierarchies and are usually based on highly centralized SCADA architecture. We propose a new paradigm that provides a number of benefits. The transition from centralized to decentralized process management and replacing PLC’s and RTU’s with universal high-performance computers make the whole system more flat and therefore much more reliable, cost efficient and scalable

Decentralized control system
Decentralized control system will increase failure tolerance.
We use cloud servers as top level of our system and broadly use wireless
connectivity — such as WiFi, 4G/5G, LORA, etc.
Since now loss of connection won’t stop important processes.

Scalability and flexibility
Our system can be upgraded in place to match higher computational
needs or to support additional interfaces by equipping
with expansion boards without a need of changing the software.
A new industry standard is released —
we provide a new expansion board within months.

We speak your language
Our approach makes automation available to the majority
of modern developers. We provide library packs for all modern
languages, frameworks and operating systems that support every
interface of our system and basic automation abstractions.
Use our lib packs and video lessons instead of hunting high-skilled
electrical engineers.

Go wireless
Wireless connectivity and machine vision
significantly reduce cabling infrastructure and minimize
capital expenditures.

Easy connectivity
We completely abandoned the use of terminal blocks
in our devices — just industrial plugs and sockets.
It allows to meet IP67 requirements and more importantly —
it frees our customers from manually connecting
countless wires.

Process as a service

Uncontrolled working conditions (such as higher
temperatures, pressures, humidity, etc) can shorten
the component’s (such as engines, machines etc.) lifespan.
Until now the manufacturers sold their components
with limited amount of measurement data to be collected
by integrator’s SCADA systems. In most cases it led
to the situation when SCADA can only inform when it’s
time to replace particular component.

Using our low-cost sensors and cloud monitoring system
component manufacturers can now monitor
the working conditions (as well as storage and transportation
conditions), predict possible failures and perform
the maintenance when it is really necessary to avoid failures.
Moreover, manufacturers get the opportunity to sell not only
components but also the operating time of the equipment,
thus implementing ’’Process as a service’’ approach.

Protect your data
We provide an opportunity to develop automation systems
using modern programming languages instead of IEC languages.
In addition to convenience, this allows to use all up-to-date
encryption algorithms to protect your data.

High Performance Automation Computer
2 in 1: logic controller + high performance industrial computer
The key element of our automation system —
high performance automation computer (HPAC).
Equipped with high performance CPU HPAC allows
the development and execution of a wide range
of powerful applications — automation algorithms,
AI applications, SCADA systems, and more.

Design features allow HPAC to be used in aggressive
environments, ATEX implementations are also available.
Modular approach allows using wide range
of powerful coprocessors (ARM and FPGA-based)
and thus implementing variety of real-time control systems
with sub-microsecond response time.

Proven technologies
The first generation of software and hardware is used in modern
wind tunnels. It allowed Tunnel Technologies to become the market leader
with projects all over the world:
Russia, France, Japan, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia.


General parameters

Height 275 mm
Length 214 mm
Width 82 mm
Weight 2500 g

Processor Intel® Atom™ E39xx, Dual/Quad Core @1.8-2 GHz
Memory up to 64 GB DDR3
Mass storage 500 GB SSD, SATA III
Display (optional) LCD 10.1”, 1024×600 pixels, 250 nit  or LCD 10.1”, 1920×1080 pixels, 1000 nit 
Touch panel (optional) RTP Single-touch  or СTP Multi-touch 
Ingress Protection IP67 
Power supply 90-264V AC, 47-440 Hz up to 120W  or PoE up to 30W 
Mount options Wall mount or DIN rail


Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n, LTE Cat 4 , Satellite navigation systems GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS 
Wired interfaces 1xEthernet 1Gb,  1xUSB v2.0,  1xUSB v3.0, Headphones out,  RS-232, CAN,  4 discrete inputs, 4 discrete outputs. 2x or 4xRS-485    
Operating System Linux, Microsoft® WIndows 

Temperature parameters

Standard Temperature, operating ℃  0 ~ +70
Wide Temperature, operating ℃  -40 ~ +70
Temperature, nonoperating ℃  -40 – 85 
Relative humidity, %  10 – 90 
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