Booking system


Receiving and Recording Payments

The system can easily accommodate any number of online and offline payment aggregators, and tracks various payment methods:

  • Receiving and recording payments
  • Cash, including via ATMs, kiosks, and shops
  • Bank transfers
  • Combined payments

Information from the payment aggregator is processed instantaneously, after which the client receives a confirmation email. Depending on their order type, clients can also be sent a letter confirming their flight time, an automatically produced PDF certificate, a link to photo and video materials, and other communications.

Payments are displayed in various financial reports in real time.The system also supports:

  • Several cash drawers for each sales point
  • Records for duty-free goods (equipment and branded goods, for example)
  • Tracking of the locations of money and responsible individuals

Configuring Access

Allows you to show employees or groups only the information and functions they need. This makes the interface simpler, by removing superfluous information, and more secure.

All Activity Is Logged

The system stores all client and employee activity together with the status of the indoor skydiving facility. In the event of any errors or malfunctions, this makes it possible to study the circumstances in detail, identify the cause, and avoid future problems.

Adaptive Design

This gives you control from any device, and reduces time required from an internal IT specialist.


The system stores data on all flights and allows you to group them together according to different indicators and examine them by different segments using a simple interface.

Ready-to-Use Booking System Interface and Integration with Your Website

The ready-to-use interface saves you time on development. The system includes several formats. If your website is already complete, these formats allow booking to be seamlessly integrated into your site, in a way that matches your site’s style. If your website is not yet complete, the Booking System allows you to launch a simplified working version in just one day.


You can translate the interface into an unlimited number of languages that can be used simultaneously; clients and employees can choose between them as required. This is convenient for skydiving facilities in a multilingual environment, or in the case of experienced flyers visiting from abroad.


Reports on All Flights

These help you to make strategic decisions. For example, you may notice that demand dips at around five in the evening, and so you can find a way to address this issue.

Flexible Pricing

Allows you to apply any pricing structure, varying prices according to the day, time, number of people in the group, number of minutes ordered together, and other factors.

Flexible Discounts and Special Offers

You can apply discounts by any criteria and for a limited time period, for example on the basis of age, physical traits, or promotional codes. You can also use these capabilities to create discounts for one-off events—birthdays or weddings, for example.


The System Supports:

  • Plain and rich text
  • Individual templates
  • Automatic order, payment, reservation, and booking confirmations, promotional messages, and reminders for upcoming flights
  • Messages with flight photos and videos

Advertising in Kiosks and on Tablets

Clients choosing photos and videos at special kiosks in relaxation zones can be offered gift certificates, discounts on future flights, and other promotions. The system lets you manage banner content.

Flight Certificates

Gift certificates allow your clients to purchase flights with an open date for their friends and relatives. The system is compatible with certificates of all kinds, whether professionally printed or sold via your website in PDF format and printed by your clients themselves. It allows you to apply booking priorities or restrictions, as well as time limits on validity.

Photos and Videos

The system links photographs and videos to individual clients. Clients can access them all on your website via a personal profile, allowing them to view and download them at home or in your relaxation zone using kiosks or tablets.
Integrates with Photo & Video system

Bulk Flight Time Packages

Selling flying minutes in bulk increases revenue and helps you to predict use. Access to bulk packages can be provided to all clients who have flown for more than 30 minutes and achieved “experienced flyer” status.

After purchasing a package, experienced flyers can book any number of sessions using their personal profile. This will save time for both the client and your employees.

Automatic accrual of flight time for your employees every month will improve staff loyalty.

Promo Flights

The system records free flights, providing you with more accurate financial information.

Client Reviews

An integrated tool collects client reviews, linking them with other client data.

Personal Data Сollection

The system collects and stores client data in a structured way, allowing marketing experts to analyze your client base effectively.

UTM tracking

For every order, the system records data about how the client found your website, helping you to track the performance of promotional channels and advertising campaigns.

Client сare

Flight Schedule

Compiled automatically from booking data. Shows employees current facility usage. Helps to adjust work schedules for instructors and operators.


Integrated into the Booking System, this allows you to record your interaction history with clients and display data about them during calls. It helps you to quickly find bookings mentioned by the client, or notice if they have called five times with the same query, and see what arrangements they have made with an employee on another shift.

Personal Account

Stores flight and payment history. Allows the client to change bookings for future flights independently. Allows clients to receive information in writing rather than orally, as in a telephone call. This also saves staff time.

Flight Lists

Helps the operator to keep track of elapsed and remaining flight time for each client.

Self Check-in

Reduces registration queues and saves staff time. Complete and correct data immediately entered into database.

Gear Issue and Collection

The system records sizes and other information, speeding up the equipment issue process for regular clients. Helps to plan purchasing by collecting data on equipment wear and tear and monitors instructor performance.


Helps instructors to remember new regulations or promotions, letting them check for themselves that they are up-to-date. Simplifies training for new employees.

Coming Soon

  1. Dynamic pricing, adapting prices to current facility usage and demand.
  2. Integration with detectors in the Flight Chamber and pre-flight zone to automatically track client movements and establish time spent in the Flight Chamber.
  1. Reports on time worked by employees.
  2. Advanced tools for analyzing client base.
  3. Report builder.
  4. Management System for on-site cafés.
  1. Ordering of printed certificates by mail.
  2. Support for gift cards to be sold through shops.
  3. Tools for selling branded goods.
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