Service and maintenance

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Service and maintenance

As a global leader in the wind tunnel industry, TunnelTech brings a wealth of international experience and worldwide acknowledgment to the table. Our team of multidisciplinary experts has successfully executed projects in diverse markets such as Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, and the Qatar, to name a few. With our headquarter based in Stuttgart, Germany, we have garnered recognition for our pioneering advancements in wind tunnel technology and are trusted partners in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions


  • Reliability

The Challenge: Operational downtime is expensive and damaging to your reputation.
Our Solution: Utilizing IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies, we monitor critical infrastructure to predict and pre-empt most failures, achieving near-zero downtime.

  •   Energy Efficiency

The Challenge: High operational costs from energy consumption.
Our Solution: Our wind tunnels not only are designed for minimal energy use, but we also specialize in energy recuperation. Our active cooling system can even repurpose waste heat, lowering your CO2 footprint.

  • Regulatory Compliance

The Challenge: Stringent local and international regulations.
Our Solution: All our designs meet or exceed the world’s strictest standards, including noise emissions.

  • Technical Expertise

The Challenge: Complexity of system management.
Our Solution: We offer comprehensive training and 24/7 remote diagnostics, empowering your staff to manage even the most complex systems with ease.

Our Offerings


  • Reengineering and Refabrication

Modernizing older wind tunnel facilities is one of our strong suits. Whether it’s retrofitting for energy efficiency or total system overhauls, we’ve got it covered, including those built by our major competitors.

  • Customization

Your specific technical requirements guide our design process from the outset.

  • Maintenance Services

With maintenance packages tailored to your individual needs and powered by our wide range of telemetry sensors, we ensure seamless, uninterrupted operation.

  • Expert Consultation

Our engineering expertise covers a broad spectrum, from AI and IoT solutions to advanced materials research.

  • Propulsion Systems

In collaboration with EVG Lufttechnik, we can refurbish and maintain virtually any type of propulsion system, including axial and radial fans, or replace them with more energy-efficient carbon fiber technology.

Why Choose Us?

  • Near-zero downtime due to our advanced predictive maintenance algorithms.
  • Proven expertise in refurbishing and maintaining facilities, including those of our major competitors.
  • Strong alliance with EVG Lufttechnik, leveraging their 40 years of experience in aerodynamics.

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We’re excited to work with you in achieving operational excellence and setting new industry benchmarks.

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