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Soaring Beyond Expectations: The ProFly Series – Advanced Performance and Unrivaled Efficiency.

Introducing the ProFly Series, our premium line of wind tunnels that epitomize cutting-edge performance, safety, efficiency, and fault tolerance. Expertly engineered to cater to both novices and experienced flyers, the ProFly Series elevates the indoor skydiving experience to new heights, setting us apart from competitors in the industry.

Boasting the highest energy efficiency in the market, the ProFly Series features an impressively low Darcy-Weißbach Friction Factor starting from 0.185. This remarkable efficiency makes our wind tunnels an ideal choice for installations in shopping malls and regions with elevated energy costs. Additionally, the ProFly Series is designed to produce minimal noise emissions, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for both flyers and spectators.

Key features of the Pro Series include:

  1. Advanced aerodynamic design: The ProFly Series utilizes state-of-the-art aerodynamic engineering to deliver an exceptionally smooth and stable flying experience. This advanced design contributes to the series’ unparalleled performance and safety, accommodating flyers of all skill levels.
  2. High energy efficiency: The outstanding energy efficiency of the ProFly Series not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to a more sustainable indoor skydiving experience. With a low Darcy-Weißbach Friction Factor, the ProFly Series sets the industry standard for energy-efficient wind tunnel technology.
  3. Minimal noise emissions: Engineered to minimize noise levels, the ProFly Series ensures a comfortable atmosphere for both participants and onlookers. This feature is especially crucial for installations in shopping malls, entertainment centers, or residential areas with strict noise regulations.
  4. Versatile applications: The ProFly Series is suitable for a wide range of installations, including shopping malls, dedicated indoor skydiving facilities, sports centers, and educational institutions. Its unparalleled performance, safety, and efficiency make it a highly sought-after solution across various industries.

Mastering the Skies: A Comprehensive Guide to the ProFly Series Wind Tunnels

Delve into the remarkable ProFly Series, an assortment of high-performance wind tunnels meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of indoor skydiving needs. Each model in the series boasts distinct features and benefits, ensuring a tailored solution that matches your unique requirements:

  • TT45 Pro it a flagman in Tunnel Tech lineup. This wind tunnel delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Perfectly suited for both recreational and professional flyers, this model offers a seamless flying experience without compromising on quality or efficiency. Its advanced engineering makes it an excellent choice for a variety of indoor skydiving applications, from leisure centers to dedicated training facilities.
  • TT52 Pro Spacious Single Loop Excellence The TT52 SL is a single loop wind tunnel with an expansive flight chamber diameter, designed to accommodate larger groups and advanced flying techniques. This model offers a more spacious flying environment, enabling participants to engage in more intricate maneuvers and collaborative flights. Its generous size makes it perfect for team-building events, group sessions, and instructional courses that require extra space for demonstrations and practice.
  • TT65: Double Loop Performance Pinnacle Our TT65 DL model boasts a double loop configuration with an impressive 6.5-meter diameter, offering the ultimate in performance and versatility for large-scale events and competitions. This wind tunnel is engineered to meet the most exacting demands of elite flyers and professional athletes, providing a top-tier environment for refining skills and pushing the boundaries of indoor skydiving. With its advanced design and unmatched performance, the TT65  sets the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Soaring Success: The Unrivaled Versatility and Performance of the ProFly Series Wind Tunnels

Discover the unparalleled ProFly series wind tunnels, meticulously designed to accommodate a diverse array of applications and set the industry standard for performance, safety, and efficiency. Whether you’re operating an indoor skydiving center, shopping mall, or entertainment complex, the ProFly series has the perfect wind tunnel to elevate your business and captivate your customers:

1. Comprehensive Applications: The ProFly series caters to a wide range of venues, from dedicated indoor skydiving centers to bustling shopping malls and entertainment complexes. Their cutting-edge design and unmatched performance make them the go-to choice for businesses seeking to offer an unforgettable experience that will leave their customers coming back for more.

Hosting Championship Events and Proven Global success

ProFly wind tunnels excel in hosting international indoor skydiving championships and dynamic disciplines, offering unparalleled flying conditions for both seasoned professionals and aspiring athletes. Their state-of-the-art design ensures a safe, efficient, and exhilarating environment that meets the exacting demands of elite competitions.

Our wind tunnels have already been featured in numerous global events, consistently showcasing their remarkable capability to deliver a thrilling and memorable flying experience for participants and spectators alike. By choosing a ProFly wind tunnel, you’re investing in a proven solution that has captivated audiences and garnered international acclaim.

Elevating the Indoor Skydiving Experience

ProFly wind tunnels are engineered to provide an unmatched indoor skydiving experience, enabling flyers to safely explore the exhilaration of flight and hone their skills. From first-time flyers to seasoned professionals, ProFly wind tunnels cater to every skill level, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

In conclusion, the ProFly series wind tunnels offer a diverse range of features and benefits, setting the industry standard for performance, safety, and efficiency. By choosing a ProFly wind tunnel, you can be confident that you’re investing in a solution that will not only elevate your business but also empower your customers’ dreams of flight to soar to new heights.


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