Refurbishment of wind tunnels

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Refurbishment of wind tunnels

Modernizing Your Wind Tunnel

Addressing Your Ambitions and Challenges

The wind tunnel industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the need to modernize existing infrastructure becomes apparent. Whether you operate an older model lacking the latest advancements or manage a newer facility grappling with issues like energy efficiency or flow quality, you might be facing challenges that limit your competitive edge. These hurdles could range from compliance with the latest industry standards to inefficiencies in operational costs or even safety concerns.


Why Modernize?

  • Increasing Operational Speeds: Stay ahead in the speed game for optimum training and testing.
  • Enhanced Flow Quality: Essential for both the recreational and professional sectors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduce operating costs and environmental footprint.
  • Climate Control: Optimize conditions for a broader range of applications.
  • Size Upgrades: Expand your facility to cater to varied customer needs.
  • Active Cooling and Waste Heat Recuperation: Pioneering solutions for thermal challenges.
  • Competitive Engineering Solutions: Fix poorly designed systems from other vendors.
  • Optimized Acoustics: To meet noise regulation standards and enhance user experience.
  • Automated Control Systems: For simplified, efficient operations.
  • Facility Aesthetics: Modernize your tunnel to appeal to a broader audience.


  • User Experience Enhancements: From streamlined booking to immersive flying experiences.
  • Safety Measures: Up-to-date protocols and systems.
  • Compliance Upgrades: Meet or exceed evolving industry and regulatory standards.
  • Data Analytics: Get real-time insights for better management.
  • Easier Maintenance: Streamline your facility’s upkeep for long-term savings.


  • Accessibility: Make your facility more inclusive.
  • Multi-Industry Adaptability: Expanding your tunnel’s applicability beyond indoor skydiving.
  • Research Capabilities: Turn your tunnel into a hub for aero- and hydrodynamics research.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing AI for efficient facility management.
  • Remote Monitoring: Oversee your operations from anywhere, any time.

TunnelTech’s Modernization Solutions

We at TunnelTech bring unparalleled expertise in the wind tunnel industry, evidenced by our diverse portfolio, ranging from the largest wind tunnel in Europe to pioneering innovations in noise control and energy efficiency. Our solutions are custom-crafted, addressing your specific challenges and harnessing the latest in mechanical design, software engineering, and aerodynamics.

Case Study: Morocco Wind Tunnel Makeover

We were tasked with modernizing a poorly designed wind tunnel in Morocco. After performing 3D scanning of the entire aerodynamic duct, we used CFD simulation to analyze how the existing design affected flow quality and energy efficiency. We then proposed a set of improvements that would significantly enhance both.

(Placeholder for Picture 2: 3D Scanning & CFD Simulation Results)

Our solution included not only a reconstructed shape for optimized aerodynamics but also an overhaul of the controlling electronics. We implemented advanced telemetry systems for monitoring critical infrastructure, contributing to predictive maintenance and risk mitigation.

(Placeholder for Picture 3: New Control Room & Telemetry Systems)


The TunnelTech Advantage

  • Holistic Approach: Comprehensive analysis of existing conditions, problems, and opportunities.
  • Custom Solutions: Personalized designs that focus on your unique objectives.
  • Turnkey Services: From conception to commissioning, we manage it all.
  • Expertise: A seasoned team of cross-disciplinary engineers ensuring top-quality results.

Through our strategic alliance with EVG Lufttechnik, we bring over 40 years of aerodynamics experience to your project. Our range of services spans from simple upgrades to complete overhauls, and our work is backed by case studies and verifiable metrics.



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