TT 3.6 Smart


TT36 Smart embodies the best balance between customer experience and cost-effectiveness for projects focused on entertainment with sport training capabilities. Designed for indoor skydiving enthusiasts and professionals alike, it offers optimal performance, safety and energy efficiency.

Capable to provide higher wind speed, TT36 Smart is ideal for skydivers looking for intensive training in small groups of 2-4 persons. Compliant with FAI regulations, TT36 Smart is suitable for indoor skydiving competitions in several disciplines, including 2way formation skydiving and 4way VFS. This brings advanced marketing opportunities and greater turnover compared to the μFLY Series.

3.6-meter-diameter flight chamber features a 4-meter-tall cylindrical glass section. This configuration guarantees a smooth flying experience while allowing spectators to enjoy the action up close. Chemically strengthened glass ensures maximum durability and great transparency.

TT36 Smart is thoughtfully engineered to deliver exceptional performance while keeping power consumption low. 2 extra-large low RMP axial fans with carbon fibre blades are situated in the vertical air ducts. This design ensures high level of power efficiency and brings down operational costs and environmental impact. Moreover, it reduces noise output creating pleasant environment in the facility.

The default active cooling system based on hollow turning vanes makes flying sessions comfortable even in hot climate zones without affecting the airflow quality.

TT36 Smart will perfectly cater to the needs of creating an indoor skydiving community in the regions where this sport is still a trend to be discovered.


General Parameters

Flight сhamber inner diameter 3.6 m (12′)
Glass height default 4 m (13′)
Glass height maximum 10 m (32’8″)

Dimensions Double Loop

Height 21.7 m (71’2″)
Length 25.6 m (84′)
Width 7.85 m (25’7″)

Dimensions Single Loop

Height Custom
Length Custom
Width Custom

Power Requirements

Power capacity (min) 1000 kW
Average time-weighted power consumption 359 kW
Power consumption @ 180 km/h 263 kW
Standard power capacity 1000 kW
Advanced power capacity n/a
Beast power capacity n/a


Noise level 60 gBa (optional)
Darcy-Weissbach drag coefficient, Xi 0.27
Max. Speed @ Standard power capacity 270 km/h
Max. Speed @ Advanced power capacity n/a
Max. Speed @ Beast power capacity n/a

Flight Chamber

Diameter 3.6 m (11’8″)
Height (minimum) 10 m (32’8″)
Area 10.18 m (33’4″)
Default glass height 4 m (13′)
Glass type chemically strengthened, non-shattering
Glass total thickness ≥50 mm
Low iron glass yes
Optional maximum glass height 10 m (32’8″)
BASE jumping chamber height 10 m (32’8″)
Patented safety net maintains long stroke in close proximity to the walls
Safety net tensioner 2 per cable
Portal entrance shape curved, collision safe
Portal entrance material Impact-dampening rubber
Entrance area speed drop ≤1%

Decompression Chamber

Airlock doors automated
Airlock emergency exit yes
Smooth decompression yes
Transit time of customer groups to/from the flight chamber <1 min

Axial Fans

Supplier Tunneltech , Germany
Quantity 2
Power (per fan) @ Standard power capacity 500 kW
Power (per fan) @ Advanced power capacity 560 kW
Power (per fan) @ Beast power capacity 630 kW
Location return vertical airduct
Axel orientation vertical
Diameter 3.37 m (10’7″)
Effective crossectional area 7.68 sq.m.
Blades material Carbon Fibre
Blades count 8
Automated lubrication Yes


Material of FC Airjet (FC Contraction) FRP
Material of FC Diffuser metal
Material of return vertical airducts FRP/metal

Climate Control

Ventilation (a.k.a. Passive Cooling) yes
Max ventilation to airflow ratio 30%
Active Cooling System yes (optional)
Additional drag, caused by active cooling system 0 Pa (No drag)
Active Cooling type through turning vanes
Recommended Chiller Cooling Capacity 700 kW (2,388,450 BTU/h)


Color LED backlight strips between glass panels yes, flicker-free (optional)
LED Strips power per m 10 W
LED Strips frame rate 60 fps
LED Projectors yes, flicker-free (optional)
LED projectors default number installed (optional) 8-32 (optional)
LED projectors max. power 90 W
LED projectors max. luminous flux power R:1950 G:2700 B:750 lumen
LED projector dimming capability 0 – 100%
LED control from Main Panel yes
LED anti-flicker function high frequency PWM
LED projector PWM frequency 1 kHz
LED color depth 24 bit, 16,777,216 colors
LED projector color depth 36 bit, 64 bln colors


Main panel control display28″
Touch screen main panelyes
Flight chamber info display31.5″
Operator desk speed controllerautonomous knob
Waiting zone speed controllerautonomous knob
Base chamber speed controllerautonomous knob
Speed controller knob resolution0,1%

Turning Vanes

Chord 500 mm
Chord-to-Spacing ratio ≥3:1
Material aluminium
Surface treatment anodized
Cooling channels 6
Turning vane heat transfer ratio, per meter @ 10-35m/s airflow speed >105 (±15) W/(m*K)


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