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Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers, architects, mechanics, electricians, programmers, and other specialists. We started out simply training in different indoor skydiving facilities, before realizing we wanted to build our own. Our practical experience gave us an understanding of what could be improved and what extra options could be added. That’s how our first wind tunnel, Pro–fly 4.5 Double, was born.

We develop all of the electronics ourselves, together with new automation and business solutions. After making the journey from idea to finished product, we now help our clients to achieve their goals.

And, most importantly, we are always developing new ways to make our facilities more comfortable, more efficient, and more affordable.

Based in Stuttgart / Germany, Tunnel Tech entered an already saturated market of wind tunnel manufacturers in 2014 with the goal of becoming the technology leader in a surprisingly stagnant industry. From the beginning, the company’s focus has been on perfecting mathematical models, researching the latest technologies and materials, and developing customized solutions for indoor skydiving. The strategic alliance with EVG Lufttechnik, German manufacturer of special industrial fans with over 40 years of experience in aerodynamics and production, provides know-how and a solid basis for company, product and project development and gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best, most efficient and safest wind tunnels currently available.


Svjatoslav Lisin

Managing Partner
Our founder and CEO, a seasoned innovator in wind tunnel technology, blends an eclectic mix of experiences into the DNA of TunnelTech. His background spans from IT and physics to digital design and microelectronics, enriching his understanding of the industry. Passionate about skydiving, he leveraged this interest to build a successful sports goods web store and an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in his school town, marrying his hobby with his technical acumen. As an engineer, he designed cutting-edge devices, including a radiation-tolerant parts for nuclear power plants and satellites, and early cryptocurrency mining hardware. This path led to the birth of TunnelTech in 2013. As founder and managing director, he spearheaded the creation of multiple world-class wind tunnels in diverse locations including Tokyo, Seul, Jakarta, and Luxemburg. The future holds exciting prospects, with ongoing projects like the world’s second-largest wind tunnel in Qatar. A bilingual engineer with a global mindset and a commitment to causes beyond the business sphere, our CEO’s leadership continues to inspire TunnelTech’s pursuit of excellence in wind tunnel technology.
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