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Welcome to TunnelTech, a trusted leader in wind tunnel technology. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been dedicated to revolutionizing the industry through innovation and perfection. Our journey began with the development of the Pro-fly 4.5 Double, a remarkable wind tunnel that set new global benchmarks for speed, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. This breakthrough propelled us to the forefront of the industry, leading us to open the first indoor skydiving facility in Japan, adhering to the highest standards of quality and regulation.

Flight chamber

Wind tunnel’s Flight Chamber is what visitors think of as a wind tunnel itself, a space where people fly. Striving to deliver highest levels of safety and comfort to fliers we rethought every part of the flight chamber

Axial fans

The strategic alliance with EVG Lufttechnik, German manufacturer of special industrial fans with over 40 years of experience in aerodynamics and production, provides know-how and a solid basis for company, product and project development and gives us


All in one wind tunnel solution, entry level machine for location based entertainement oriented projects. Delivers the most of flying experience with minimal capital expenses. Ultracompact wind tunnel machine for demading spaces.

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Cost effective entertainment oriented wind tunnels, delivering great performance with less capital expense. Great for business, skydivers practice and industry standard machines for indoor skydiving training and world class events.

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Prograde flying machines featuring all latest technologies, newest solutions and materials. Second to none energy efficiency, lowest noise emissions and outstanding airflow quality. Unmatched performance for business and professional application.Lowest OpEx and up to 60% less power consumption due to outright ventilation.

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FRP ducts

Just like every exceptional sailboat is built around perfect streamlined shape wind tunnel’s efficiency relies upon honed aerodynamic lines to guide unobstructed airflow from the motors to the flight chamber and back. For this simp


Turning Vanes

Turning vanes are the cornerstone of wind tunnel efficiency. Classic NASA research shows that up to 30% of energy losses in a tunnel may appear due to poor turning vane design, insufficient frequency within vanes assembly and inappropriate mounting.


Our wind tunnels are equipped with outright ventilation that provides effective air exchange and airflow cooling without additional costs associated with HVAC appliance. Ventilation louvers replace up to 20% of circulating airflow vo

BASE jumping chamber

Located at the top of a wind tunnel so-called BASE-chamber is an essential tool for professional skydiving training, technically it is another entrance to the flight chamber making it possible to practice controlled aircraft exit. Du

Recent Projects

FlyStation, Japan

The fastest, quietest, and most powerful wind tunnel, fully compliant with strict local safety and earthquake resistance requirements, FlyStation Japan has set a quality benchmark to be followed ever since. Virtually inaudible outside it is situated within a residential complex and is just 30 meters away from an apartment block. The unique design features an additional glass floor, offering spectators an exclusive view of the upper part of the flight chamber.

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Flow Moscow, CIS

Flow Moscow is a sports and wellness center featuring the largest and quietest wind tunnel among the city’s seven facilities. Thanks to its size and advanced power, Flow Moscow regularly hosts national sports events. Beyond indoor skydiving, visitors can enjoy indoor surfing, relax in the mini-hotel, bar, and massage area, or unwind with stretching classes and a sauna.

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FlyStation, South Korea

The pioneer in commercial indoor skydiving in the country, Flystation Korea has boosted the development of its surrounding area. The once overlooked outskirts of Seoul have turned into a vibrant activity center including a cutting-edge wind tunnel, an indoor golf simulator, a diving center and several dining spots.

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LuxFly, Belgium

A standalone facility dedicated exclusively to indoor skydiving that embodies a modern approach to infrastructure and business. Featuring the Gen.II of our flagship model, LuxFly is currently the quietest and likely most elegant wind tunnel in the world. The free-standing glass chamber, visually elevated by the surrounding amphitheater, adds an extra dimension to the experience, immersing spectators in a breathtaking performance of human flight.

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