Embrace an era of unmatched precision in vibration monitoring with the TTPLC2.03A, a pinnacle in mitigating the challenges of vibration velocity calculation. It’s not merely a device, but an embodiment of accuracy and stability, designed meticulously to process data from three 3-axis accelerometers. Whether navigating through the intricacies of machinery health or ensuring structural integrity, the TTPLC2.03A is an essential tool that translates vibrations into tangible data, enabling you to understand and control the unseen kinetics of your applications. Dive into a spectrum of specifications crafted to meet the vital needs of varied applications. With a vibration velocity operation range stretching from 0 – 30 mm/s and a vibration frequency operation range spanning from 0 – 1600 Hz, TTPLC2.03A embodies unparalleled adaptability. The device guarantees an accuracy of 0.5% of full scale, standing as a bulwark of reliability in capturing the subtleties of vibrational dynamics, thereby ensuring that your monitoring and control are always guided by precision.

Engineered to prevail in diverse environments, the TTPLC2.03A ensures that your vibration data is ceaselessly and reliably monitored. Endowed with a power supply of 24V DC and an ingress protection rated at IP67, it promises stability amidst challenges. Operating adeptly within a temperature range of -40 – 80 °С and possessing the durability to withstand short-term exposures of up to -40 – 120 °С, the device ensures that your vibrational data is collected, preserved, and accessible, even in the most demanding conditions.

The TTPLC2.03A, while compact in size, is vast in its application potential. From monitoring machinery health in manufacturing environments, ensuring structural stability in construction, to safeguarding delicate processes in technological applications, its applicability is extensive and impactful. Data is not just gathered but meticulously stored in its internal memory, accessible conveniently via the Modbus RTU protocol, crafting a bridge between intricate vibrations and your control over them.



Vibration velocity operation range 0 – 30 mm/s
Vibration frequency operation range 0 – 1600 Hz
Accuracy 0.5% of full scale


Power supply 24V DC
Ingress Protection IP67
Operating Temperature Range
(defined by the device’s housing)
-40 – 80 °С
(short-term -40 – 120 °С)
Housing dimensions, mm 50 х 50 х 16
Housing dimensions with external connectors, mm 50 х 50 х 32
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