SMART Wind Tunnels - Advanced flight machines

Innovative Smart series is a collection of wind tunnels that strike the perfect balance between top-notch performance and cost-effective approach. Designed to provide the exceptional equipment and airflow quality, it offers technology and reliability that you have come to expect from all TunnelTech products. The Smart series is an ideal option for projects seeking best value sport machines better suited for less populated location yet unbounded performance and safety. Engineered with all TT cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly features, the Smart wind tunnels are ideal for a wide range of applications, including indoor skydiving training centres, entertainment venues, dropzones and military training facilities institutions.

High speed training

All smart wind tunnels are developed to provide 275km/h and fully suitable for Vertical Formation Skydiving training and other high speed disciplines. While TT36 is better suited for static skydiving disciplines such as 4-way VFS, TT43 is a full size 14ft class wind tunnel and capable of hosting any FAI world class competitions and international championships.


Advanced Adaptive Technology

Smart series wind tunnels inherit all of the technologies employed in cutting-edge PRO indoor skydiving machines. Alike bigger sisters they feature Vertical axial fans, Carbon fibre blades, round flight chamber, chemically strengthened glass and largest turning vanes industry-wide and perfected aerodynamic flow. All this adds up to pro superb airflow quality, reliability, low noise emissions and high energy efficiency, together driving the operating costs down and stoke – up.

Enhanced Safety

At Tunnel Tech, we understand that safety is paramount for both entertainment operations and sport flyers. When you choose Tunnel Tech for your wind tunnel needs, you can trust that safety and innovation are our top priorities. We provide numerous safety features to ensure that your visitors have a secure experience.

2x+ Speed Drop (Airflow Diffusion) inside the flight chamber and below any obstacles (i.e. turning vanes) make Smart tunnels an ultimate training and competition machines.

Patented safety net ensures impact absorption in the critical area near the glass of the flight chamber. Low drag safety net is highly effective in absorbing energy during the falls next to the wall, which is a major concern for any professional wind tunnel instructor working with entertainment flyers and beginners

Perfected aerodynamics of Tunnel Tech wind tunnels deliver excellent airflow quality and inertia. This results in an extended autorotation times adding another degree of security in case of a power failure.

Drop-free flight chamber entrance portal maintains consistent airflow at the opening and above, ensuring no flow separation at the upper parts of the flight chamber and therefore stalling of wind tunnel motors, common for most other wind tunnels.

All Smart series wind tunnel come with Active Cooling system included in the base configuration. Turning vanes themselves act as heat exchangers and avoid any energy losses or turbulence produced by added radiators and/or injected supercooled air. We believe that Through-the-Vanes is the only reasonable configuration of an active cooling system and all others should be avoided.



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